The Comedians from Rebels of Comedy Events

Below are headshots from some of the comedians that have or currently perform on our shows. Simply click on a photo to enlarge.

  • Andrew Norelli

    Andrew Norelli

  • Chris Gehrt

    Chris Gehrt

  • Chris Rock

    Chris Rock

  • Chris Tucker

    Chris Tucker

  • Darren Capozzi

    Darren Capozzi

  • Darren Carter

    Darren Carter

  • Derek Weston

    Derek Weston

  • Dwayne Perkins

    Dwayne Perkins

  • Erin Foley

    Erin Foley

  • Jamie Kaler

    Jamie Kaler

  • Jason Love

    Jason Love

  • Jay Flats

    Jay Flats

  • Jeff Dye

    Jeff Dye

  • Jesse Case

    Jesse Case

  • Jimmy Shubert

    Jimmy Shubert

  • Jodi Miller

    Jodi Miller

  • Jonesy


  • Jon Huck

    Jon Huck

  • Justin Rupple

    Justin Rupple

  • Kara With a 'K'

    Kara With A "K"

  • Keith Nelson

    Keith Nelson

  • Kira Soltanovich

    Kira Soltanovich

  • Lou Santini

    Lou Santini

  • Mike Casentini

    Mike Casentini

  • Mike Marino

    Mike Marino

  • Nick Cedergren

    Nick Cedergren

  • Nick Swardson

    Nick Swardson

  • Owen Benjamin

    Owen Benjamin

  • Paula-Bel

    Paula Bel

  • Preston Flagg

    Preston Flagg

  • Rev Mitcz

    Rev Mitcz

  • Rick Overton

    Rick Overton

  • Ron Szoke

    Ron Szoke

  • Shang

    Sam Tripoli

  • Shang


  • Steven Briggs

    Steven Briggs

  • Teddy Tutson

    Teddy Tutson

  • The Greg-Wilson

    The Greg-Wilson

  • TJ Miller

    TJ Miller

  • TK Matteson

    TK Matteson

  • Tracey MacDonald

    Tracey MacDonald

  • Willie Barcena

    Willie Barcena

  • Zach Galifianakis

    Zach Galifianakis